Contribute to Yay Baby Gear

We are always looking for new, innovative, or “must have” Baby Gear that parents just can’t live without. If you like to write, are a parent (sorry – we want first hand experience only), and want to make some additional money, then you should consider contributing to Yay Baby Gear!

How does it work?
Simple. Find a baby product that you want to review, submit to Yay Baby Gear, and start earning money! We typically post one to two products per week so there are limited opportunities to get your review in front of thousands of Moms. We choose which product to showcase based on the quality of the review and the popularity of the baby product.

How much can I make?
How much you can make depends on how well the review is written. You will not make more money by falsely promoting the product so be sure to give your most honest opinion!

How do I get started?
Contact Yay Baby Gear and submit a review sample for us to evaluate.

Why are you accepting reviews from random Parents?
Simple – we want to find products that work for everyone. If we just had a handful of authors our reviews would be limited to the products they have used. By allowing for more people to contribute we have a wider range of useful baby gear to share with everyone else.

Why wait to get started. Join the Yay Baby Gear team and get your opinion in front of thousands of new and expecting parents. Ohh an wait – make some money too!

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