Beauty of the Bumbo Baby Seat

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Baby Bumbo Seat

As a new mother, I spend countless hours in parenting forums looking for product suggestions and answers to questions about pregnancy, newborns, babies and eventually toddlers. I was on the forums when Bumbo baby seats were first introduced to parents everywhere and to get a Bumbo you had to place a special order online since they were no where to be found in stores.

Today, however, most major retail establishes that carry baby gear also carry the Bumbo Baby Sitters. These chairs might look more at home in a space ship, but are designed for babies who can hold up their heads but not yet support their bodies in a seated posture. The seat is appropriate for babies who can hold up their heads and is no longer a good idea once a baby can get out of the chair of his own free will.

The Pluses of Bumbo Baby Sitters
The Bumbo seat is a single piece of low density foam material. A durable plastic outer cover is easily wiped down and cleaned. The single piece of the Baby Sitter makes it much easier to clean after a blow out or spit up episode as there are simply no places for goo to go.

To sit in the chair, baby’s legs are put into the special slots and the deep, curved seat supports your baby without allowing her to tip over at any angle. She slumps in a position that is natural for her inside the chair and so long as she can hold up her head, she can see around her in a totally new perspective.

The Bumbo Baby Seat is also extremely lightweight making it easy to port the thing around the house with your free hand. Move from one room to the other holding seat and baby and she can enjoy sitting up as your loving audience no matter what you’re doing.

At $39.99 the price seems a bit high for a piece of molded foam, but when you consider the amount of use you can get from the chair, the price makes a bit more sense, even if it still seems high. Fortunately, the tray that you can snap onto the Bumbo Baby Sitter is only $9.95 making it easy to entertain older babies who are still learning to sit without a huge price tag.

Problematic Areas with Bumbo Baby Sitters
There was quite an ordeal a few years back about the Bumbo seats being recalled. New safety labels were placed on the back of the seats to ensure parents would know better than to put their children on high counters or the couch while seating in the Bumbo.

Bumbo Baby Sitters should only be used on the floor making them a bit limiting if you’d prefer your baby to be closer to your height. However, some babies are agile enough to wiggle out of the seat at any age, so it is far better to be safe than sorry.

Award Winning Bumbo Baby Sitters
We’re not the only fans of Bumbo Baby Sitters. The company has won several awards for its unique product including:

  • iParenting Media Awards 2003 in the USA
  • Best New Product 2003 Awards UK
  • A Winner of Design Institute Industrial Design Award 2002
  • A Winner of Design Institute Engineering Award 2002
  • Winner of South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Chairman’s Award for Excellence
  • Runner up in DTI Business Excellence Awards
  • Runner up in Most Innovative Product 2003 Awards UK
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Management Systems
  • Endorsed by Pediatric and Orthopedic Faculties

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